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2 key elements of the 
Capability Improvement Process
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Advanced PowerPoint - for Results! - The COMPLETE 4-TeleClass Program
Based on the World-Class program by Paul Litwack
  the Capability Improvement Coach®

Dates Begins: May 2, 2005 
Location You are now as close as your phone! (phone number will be emailed to you once registered)

This program is available at other times too! - Check
or email: to schedule your own group (10 or more people)

SAVE $50 NOW with early registration, below,
Details This World-Class TeleClass Success Series includes:
- Full participation in all 4 1-hour LIVE sessions in Coach Paul's Advanced PowerPoint Presentations for Results TeleClass program.
- PowerPoint Presentation File Evaluation
- Complete pre-recorded audio program (for review)
- 2 personal, custom-to-you coaching clinics
- FREE access to the 24-hour Response Service

NOTE: As a convenience to you, each of the four sessions, the PowerPoint presentation file review, two 1-on-1 Coaching Clinics, Audio Program
materials and 24-hour Response Service is now available individually too (see below).
Hosted By the Capability Improvement Coach® phone: 905-764-8525
Questions or details: E-mail

Now Available FREE(no cost, no obligation):
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meeting or conference or to coach your group to increased performance
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More FREE stuff at:, E-books, 30-second self-audits and Checklists)

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Register Early - SAVE $50
on FULL 4-session TeleClass Program
$149.00   $1.00   $150.00
COMPLETE 4 TeleClass Program ($1,599 value!):
- PowerPoint Presentation File Evaluation
- Program Audio Materials (CDs/download)
- Two 1-on-1 Coaching Clinics (just for you!)
- 24-hour Response Service
$199.00   $1.00   $200.00
2 Personal 1-on-1 Coaching Clinics
Just for you!
$199.00   $1.00   $200.00
24-hour Response Service - by phone, fax, email
per unit of 8 consecutive weeks (flexible scheduling)
$99.00   $1.00   $100.00
Join Any One or More of the 4 TeleClass Sessions (per session)
Please order course audio materials below
$149.00   $1.00   $150.00
Audio Program Materials - Full Program
(for follow-up reference)
$199.00   $1.00   $200.00
PowerPoint Presentation File Evaluation - 15 factor checklist with comments
Send one of your PowerPoint presentation files
$99.00   $1.00   $100.00
Creating a New PowerPoint Presentation?
Identify 9 Key Audience & Results Factors and Initial StoryBoard of Your Presentation
$199.00   $1.00   $200.00
Gift Certificate: Frame-ready & appreciated!
For any future TeleClass, Coaching, Materials
For a valued client, colleague or yourself!
So Easy to Use too: E-mail requests in advance to:
$24.00   $1.00   $25.00
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