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"I was just thinking of you as I was doing my invoices.  The affect of your professional Tele-coaching is ongoing...and especially to my bottom line.  My revenues have increased 83% this year compared to the same time period last year.  Something's working! Thanks Coach Paul." 

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Common Questions:

  1. What is the proven TeleClass format?

  2. What is my investment for a TeleClass?

  3. What TeleClasses are available now?

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   What is a Coach Paul TeleClass? 
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What exactly is a TeleClass?

A TeleClass is a proven way to participate in live, truly interactive skill-building programs in less than an hour – on a phone call! Research shows that 1-hour is the optimum duration for adults to maximize TeleClass content retention. Coach Paul has is a certified Teleclass Instructor and a Director of the Institute for Professional Advancement.

In the proven TeleClass format “You really are right there, just like in a face-to-face session, and you are welcome to participate as much – or as little as you choose.” This format is already achieving significant results at IBM and Coldwell Banker.

With TeleClasses scheduled anytime 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, it is it now virtually possible to attend a TeleClass at any hour, from anywhere that suits the participant. For your reference, we offer a helpful time-converter, below for any city worldwide. And with many sessions archived, it will also be possible to access selected previous TeleClasses as needed.

The real benefit of TeleClasses over other training methods (web, teleconference, teleseminar) is that the entire focus is on the participant’s need to learn/confirm a specific skill in a fun, interactive environment. Participants benefit not only from the TeleClass Leader's expertise, but also from the comments and experiences of other class participants as well. 
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What is the investment to participate in a TeleClass?

Recall that you connect by telephone to each TeleClass from the convenience of your home or office – saving you significant travel-related time and expense! You can even participate in your PJs and slippers – no-one will know (but keep your door closed anyway ;-)

So your investment for Coach Paul's world-class, proven skill-building TeleClasses is usually just the phone call itself! At about $0.05/min, that is only about $3 per class. Advanced programs and multi-session classes may have a registration amount.

Once registered, you receive confirmation including a helpful protocol guide, any pre-class materials and the phone number to call in for the TeleClass. Then you use your existing phone to call into state-of-the-art telephone conferencing at the scheduled time. While no further technology is needed, some TeleClass programs may optionally offer further content via web or print materials.

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References and Kudos on Coach Paul

"I'm going back to work now with renewed enthusiasm, more energy and a reinforced set of relevant tools. An hour very well invested!"             TeleClass Participant

"This is by far the most valuable program I've attended to-date! Delivery and content were excellent and informative. Paul Litwack is an excellent model to follow - if only everyone could operate with his focus and positive attitude. His common sense into common practice approach leaves little to chance - so better results come naturally."       TeleClass Participant

 "The key that has improved my current customer satisfaction skill was learned from your coaching - I have significantly reduced my use of 'harmful trigger words."         Manager, Warranty Claims, Toyota  

 "Paul Litwack provided excellent refresher segments on Performance Management, including many new and immediately relevant strategies"                                 Chief Auditor, Federal Reserve Bank       

"This is one of the best programs I've ever attended! At Coach Paul's suggestion, I'm committing myself to 15 minutes/day (that's about 11 days/year!) to improve my personal and professional skills."                                                                               Divisional Manager, Abitibi Price Inc.

"As a consultant practicing for over 10 years, your TeleClass provided excellent validation, and many useful tips and pointers. I particularly appreciated your ability to get everyone networking." Program participant                     
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Coach Paul leads a TeleClass Leader certification program monthly through the Institute for Professional Advancement. It is designed for recognized professionals with current materials and content relevant to the growing needs of entrepreneurs. For more information about adapting your material and to register for certification please visit: or email:
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