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2 key elements of the 
Capability Improvement Process
by CoachPaul - now in webcast

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Presenting with Pizzazz ™ - The COMPLETE 5-TeleClass Program
Based on the World-Class program by Paul Litwack, the Capability Improvement Coach Based on the World-Class program by Paul Litwack, the Capability Improvement Coach®

Dates Sessions are scheduled monthly. Registered participants also receive access to the archives.
Location You are now as close as your phone! (phone number will be emailed to you once registered)

This program is available at other times too! - Check
or email: to schedule your own group (10 or more people)

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Details This World-Class TeleClass Success Series includes:
- Full participation in all 5 1-hour LIVE sessions in Coach Paul's Presenting with Pizzazz!™ TeleClass program.
- 25-page full-color workbook
- Complete pre-recorded audio program (for review)
- 4 personal, custom-to-you coaching clinics
- FREE access to the 24-hour Response Service

NOTE: As a convenience to you, each of the three sessions, Four 1-on-1 Coaching Clinics, Audio Program
materials and 24-hour Response Service is now available individually too (see below).
Hosted By the Capability Improvement Coach® phone: 905-764-8525
Questions or details: E-mail to:

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SAVE $100 on COMPLETE 5-session TeleClass Program - Register before May 5, 2006
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Complete 5 TeleClass Program ($1,799 value!):
- Presentation Evaluation
- 25-page Workbook
- Program Audio Materials (CDs/download)
- Four 1-on-1 Coaching Clinics (just for you!)
- 24-hour Response Service
Presentation Evaluation - 15 factor Checklist
Coach Paul will review a video or audio of your presentation
4 Personal 1-on-1 Coaching Clinics
Just for you!
24-hour Response Service - by phone, fax, email
per unit of 8 consecutive weeks (flexible scheduling)
Join One TeleClass Session (per session)
Please order materials below
Audio Program Materials - Full Program
(for follow-up reference)
Complete 25-page Workbook - Full Program $50.00        
Gift Certificate Frame-ready & appreciated!
for any future TeleClass, Coaching & Materials
For a valued client, colleague or yourself!
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