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2 key elements of the 
Capability Improvement Process
by CoachPaul - now in webcast

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To help you plan your next program or project, it is our goal (and pleasure!) to provide professionally researched, prepared and presented programs customized to your specific deadlines, needs and budget.

With this in mind, please complete this handy form, describing the critical elements of your
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When your selected date is within two months of today, please contact our office directly by e-mail or call 905-764-8525 or fax 509-693-3088. We will do everything to accommodate your request, including searching within our vast worldwide network of qualified professionals.

Requesting a "Courtesy Hold" is quick and convenient

Your preferred available date(s) will be marked on our calendar as "Courtesy Hold" - this allows you to move ahead with your plans, knowing that you have reserved the Capability Improvement Coach for the meeting or project. There is no obligation or cost for this significant benefit. How's that for convenient!

         Should another request for your preferred "Courtesy Hold" date(s) be
        received, we will contact you immediately to confirm the assignment.


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The Capability Improvement Coach

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