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2 key elements of the 
Capability Improvement Process
by CoachPaul - now in webcast

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"Paul Litwack is an excellent source of current information, presented superbly in a time when continuous learning is so important for people striving to succeed in the workplace."                            
Chief of Appeals, Revenue Canada

You already know the significant value of continually assessing your essential capabilities - those critical factors constantly needed to make the key operational and strategic decisions. Yet these very capabilities have been so difficult to measure and see ...

... Until now!

As the Capability Improvement Coach, Paul Litwack, CHRP frequently coaches senior executives and professionals one-on-one and in small groups to help build more high-value customers. Paul has contributed to the success of over 150,000 professionals, entrepreneurs, organizations and associations in nine countries since 1976.

He is often interviewed by the media for his thought-provoking, practical customer satisfaction and Call/Contact Center leadership and team building strategies.

Coach Paul is host of Go for the Goal!TM , the internet radio program on helping leaders like you to improve their business, personal and professional capabilities. His guest list reads like a Who's Who - including spotlights on lesser know (and equally important) people too.

Coupled with proven, innovative and non-disruptive tools, Paul helps you capture - and then put into motion - the relevant views of the prime stakeholders who know your capabilities best - your customers (internal and external), partners, employees and managers.

m0qkqq3t.gif (9889 bytes)The resulting in-depth, relevant-to-you insights highlight five strategic challenge areas (shown at right as a lens - with a success focus on the 15 essential capabilities of a successful organization).

and capabilities are to your organization what effort and competence are, respectively, to you as an individual. With Coach Paul, you will begin and then continue to effectively harness your organization's strategic challenges and essential capabilities.

How soon do you want to elevate your organization
to higher and higher performance and improved profitability?

In addition to his personalized coaching assignments and professional consulting projects, Coach Paul frequently presents his thought-provoking keynotes and results-achieving workshops at significant conferences and meetings in the U.S., Canada and internationally to a wide range of (partial list):

Professional Associations (partial, alphabetic list)

Respected Organizations (partial list)

Call/Contact Center Industry Associations
Education Industry Associations
Financial Industry Associations
Government Associations
Professional Speakers Associations
Real Estate Industry Associations

Association of Independent Consultants
Canadian Assoc. of Professional Speakers
Canadian Professional Sales Association
HR Professionals Association of Ontario
International Coach Federation
International Customer Service Association
Meeting Professionals International
The Executive Committee

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Banks + Financial Services
Call/Contact Centers
Corporate (Disney, IBM, Toyota)
Educational Institutions
Energy + Utilities
Government (all levels) & Military
Health + Pharmaceuticals
Not-for-profit Groups
Real Estate
Science + Technology

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Committed to his profession and to his community, Coach Paul co-founded Toronto's first Meetings Industry Council and is an award-winning community volunteer leader. He is now serving his fourth term as a Director for the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers (chapter level) and as Vice President of the Association of Independent Consultants. He is also currently active in the International Coach Federation, Human Resources Professional Association of Ontario (Accreditation Committee) and the Canadian Professional Sales Association.

Paul is a Resource Speaker for TEC, The Executive Committee - the advisory team for Chief Executive Officers in the U.S., Canada and internationally. As well, his thought-provoking, results-achieving programs have been featured by many of the best known business, seminar and consulting organizations in the U.S., Canada and overseas.

Paul has earned a Bachelor of Mathematics (Co-Op) from the University of Waterloo and the designation "Certified Human Resources Professional" (CHRP) from the Human Resources Professionals Association of Ontario. He is actively working towards earning the National Speakers Association's CSP designation (Certified Speaking Professional).

Paul's professional learning programs, many now available in multimedia format, consistently spark audiences and help put fun and pride back into everything you do. Many of these programs are also available in popular professional multimedia resource catalogs as well as from selected better bookstores.

Programs in Coach Paul's
Sales and Customer Service series

Programs in Coach Paul's
Change, Leadership and Team Building series

  • Nix Negativity NOW!
    C-A-P negativity wherever you find it
  • Benchmarking for Success
    Achieve World-Class performance

  • Get & Use Actionable Feedback
    to Continuously D-E-L-I-T-E your Customers

  • Make it Happen!
    The 3-step System to Achieve Improved Performance
  • Is Your Net Working?
    How to Find - Even Generate -
                            More Opportunities
  • Service, Satisfaction 
                                  ... and Retention!
    Help your Customers Bring you More Customers
  • Thriving Through Change and Transition
    Just When I Figured Where Everything Was
  • What Does Quality Have to do With People?
    How to Become an Ambassador of Quality
  • Presenting with Pizzazz
    Motivate, Persuade and
              Hold the Attention of Any Audience
  • Juggling Multiple Priorities
    Control the Demand on Your Valuable Time, Energy And Resources
  • How to Achieve Effective Rapport
    Listening Skills for Leaders  
                         ... Who Need to be Heard
  • Build High Performance,
                              Low Maintenance
    Use the Secrets of Master Team Builders
    for lasting Spirit & Commitment

Thank you for the opportunity to contribute to your continued success!

                                                              Paul M. Litwack, CHRP
                                                       the Capability Improvement Coach
                                      www.the-coach.com   1+905-764-8525


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