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Who is the Capability Improvement Coach?
Relevant Speaking Assignments
Program Descriptions: The Sales & Customer Service Series
Program Descriptions: The Change, Leadership & Team Building Series

Here's What People Say - Testimonials (by topic and by Industry)

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"Your involvement as a major presenter at our National Convention was the highlight of the three days. Your professionalism was outstanding. As you know, several people who heard you speak in Adelaide, made the 2000 mile flight to hear you again at our convention here in Sydney! We look forward to welcoming you again whenever you travel Down Under."

President, National Speakers Association of Australia

"Speakers certainly do make or break a conference. I am delighted to say, you made it! Everyone commented on your energy and enthusiasm and thought you were an ideal choice for the start of our conference. It was a pleasure working with you!"

Conference Director, Meeting Professionals International (MPI)

Who is the Capability Improvement Coach?

Since 1976, Paul Litwack, CHRP has contributed to the success of over 150,000 professionals in a wide range of organizations and associations in nine countries. Coach Paul is often interviewed by the media for his thought-provoking, practical customer satisfaction and Call/Contact Center leadership and team building strategies.

And for over 10 years, known as the Capability Improvement Coach, Paul consistently earns praise from customers, colleagues and participants in his content-rich live-audience programs and personalized results-achieving coaching assignments. Coupled with proven, innovative and non-disruptive tools, Paul helps you capture - and then put into motion - the relevant views of the prime stakeholders who know your capabilities best - your customers (internal and external), partners, employees and managers.

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As a special arrangement, Coach Paul can present any of his participative
live-audience programs for free (!) to charitable groups (and to organizations and associations when combined with confirmed multiple orders of his live or multimedia programs). A generous discount schedule is also now available for these programs as recognition or gifts to valued employees, colleagues, customers and friends. Are you planning your next meeting or project? Click here.

committed to his profession and to his community, Coach Paul co-founded Toronto's first Meetings Industry Council and is an award-winning community volunteer leader. He has served three terms as a Director for the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers (chapter level) and as Vice President of the Association of Independent Consultants. He is also currently active in the International Coach Federation, Human Resources Professional Association of Ontario (Accreditation Committee) and the Canadian Professional Sales Association.

Paul is a Resource Speaker for The Executive Committee - the advisory team for Chief Executive Officers in the U.S., Canada and internationally. As well, his thought-provoking, results-achieving programs have been featured by many of the best known business, seminar and consulting organizations in the U.S., Canada and overseas.

Paul has earned a Bachelor of Mathematics (Co-Op) from the University of Waterloo and the designation "Certified Human Resources Professional" (CHRP) from the Human Resources Professionals Association of Ontario. He is actively working towards earning the National Speakers Association's CSP designation (Certified Speaking Professional).

Paul's professional learning programs, many now available in multimedia format, consistently spark audiences and help put fun and pride back into everything you do. Many of these programs are also available in popular professional multimedia resource catalogs as well as from selected better bookstores.

Programs in Coach Paul's Sales and Customer Service series

Programs in Coach Paul's Change, Leadership and Team Building series

  • Nix Negativity NOW!
    C-A-P negativity wherever you find it
  • Get & Use Actionable Feedback
    to Continuously D-E-L-I-T-E your Customers
  • Benchmarking for Success
    Achieve World-Class performance
  • Make it Happen!
    The 3-step System to Achieve Improved Performance
  • Is Your Net Working?
    How to Find - Even Generate - More Opportunities
  • Service, Satisfaction ... and Retention
    Help your Customers Bring you More Customers
  • How to Achieve Effective Rapport Listening Skills
    For leaders who need to be Heard
  • Thriving Through Change and Transition
    Just When You Figured Where Everything Was
  • What Does Quality Have to do With People?
    How to Become an Ambassador of Quality
  • Presenting with Pizzazz
    Motivate, Persuade and Hold the Attention of Any Audience
  • Juggling Multiple Priorities
    Control the Demand on Your Valuable Time, Energy And Resources
  • Build High Performance, Low Maintenance Teams
    Use the Secrets of Master team Builders for lasting Spirit & Commitment

Relevant Professional Speaking Assignments

Significant national, international and industry-specific meetings and conferences (sample list)

Featured presenter, Fred Pryor Resources, 2000-

Chair, Customer2000 (Niagara Falls, ON) sponsored by the International Quality & Productivity Center, IQPC

Featured faculty at Team-Based Call Centers, '98 (Dallas TX) sponsored by the International Quality & Productivity Center, IQPC;
program: Build High Performance, Low Maintenance Teams

Featured faculty at Call Center Management, '98 (Chicago IL) sponsored by the International Quality & Productivity Center, IQPC;
program: Nix Negativity NOW!

Featured speaker at 50 Years Later: The Legacy Continues, '97 (Toronto ON) conference hosted by the Holocaust Memorial Museum; program: Nix Negativity NOW!

Featured speaker, Training Customer Service Reps, '97 (New Orleans LA) conference by the International Quality & Productivity
Center, IQPC; program: Achieve Effective Rapport

Featured speaker, the Canadian Professional Sales Association, CPSA - '95, '96 and '97 Workshop Series; program: How to
Supercharge Your Sales Presentations

Chair and featured speaker, Launching and Managing a Call Center, '97 (Toronto ON) sponsored by the International Quality &
Productivity Center, IQPC; program: Achieve Effective Rapport

Featured speaker, Benchmarking Call Centers, '97 (Chicago IL) sponsored by the International Quality & Productivity Center, IQPC; program: Benchmarking for Success

Featured speaker, Telemarketing/Call Centre Day, '96 (Toronto ON) hosted by the Canadian Direct Marketing Association, CDMA,
program: Service, Satisfaction ... and Retention

Top rated speaker, 15th Annual Customer Service Conference hosted by the International Customer Service Association, ICSA;
program: Build High Performance, Low Maintenance Teams

Featured faculty at Gathering & Deploying Customer Feedback '96 (Toronto ON) sponsored by the International Quality &
Productivity Center, IQPC; program: How to Get & Use Actionable Feedback

Featured speaker, Speak Like a Pro: Raising the Standard , '96 (Toronto ON) conference hosted by the Canadian Association of
Professional Speakers, CAPS; program: Presenting with Pizzazz

Featured faculty at TeleSolutions '95 and TelEvolution '96, North America's largest Call Centre Management conference; program:
Service, Satisfaction and Retention.

Resource Speaker (1994-), The Executive Committee, TEC - the international advisory team for CEOs in the U.S., Canada and
overseas; program: Nix Negativity NOW!

Keynote speaker, Meeting Professionals International, MPI Annual Educational Conference, '94 (Buffalo NY); program: Is Your Net

Featured speaker, international Toastmasters Annual Convention; '93 program: Speaking of Total Quality...

Featured speaker, Learn from the Legends, the 1992 Annual Conference of the National Speakers Association of Australia, Sydney, NSW. Paul also toured six cities across Australia with his program: Presenting With Pizzazz!

Program Speaker in Discovering New Worlds, the National Speakers Association's 1992 Annual Conference (Orlando FL); program:
Nix Negativity NOW!

Planners, Bureaus & Agencies:
Preview Coach Paul live! - or on tape

Here's what Planners, Bureaus & Agencies Say about Coach Paul

"On a scale from 1-5 (with 5 being excellent), your How to Build High Performance, Low Maintenance Teams program rated 4.6! Come back soon."

Chair, International Customer Service Association
ICSA 15th Annual Customer Service Conference

"Your facilitative approach works well with our audiences - motivating them to positive action. It is clear that you truly enjoy what you do and really do practice what you present."

Director, the Learning Annex

"To say you were a 'hit' would be an understatement. You were professional, enthusiastic, dynamic, energetic, entertaining - and very effective. I hope to have the pleasure of working with you again soon."

Meeting Coordinator, Congress Canada

Thank you for the opportunity to contribute to your continued success!

                                                              Paul M. Litwack, CHRP
                                                       the Capability Improvement Coach
                                                     www.the-coach.com   1-905-764-8525