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About Coach Paul Litwack:

As the Capability Improvement Coach®, Paul brings business leadership and solid experience in a unique balance of fun, passion and with a focus on performance. His Keynotes, Teleclasses and training are based on 30+ years of real world experience in successful leadership projects from the 'back room' to the Boardroom in six countries. He's community-minded too – just a week after 9/11, he volunteered at GROUND ZERO.

Paul currently serves as the Membership Chair for the International Coach Federation (ICF), Toronto chapter and is Director of the Institute for Professional Advancement. He designed and led the Executive Coaching community practice of the International Coach Academy/ICA (Australia 2006-2008) and a featured trainer for their ICF-Accredited Certified Professional Coach curriculum. He is a Resource speaker coach for Vistage (also known as The Executive Committee /TEC, the International Advisory Board for CEOs).

Paul's licensed sales and leadership coaching and Teleclass leader certification programs have been delivered to significant groups, including: IBM, Toyota, the Society of Management Accountants and the International Customer Service Association. He was selected to the ‘Top 100 Corporate Coaches in the World’ by a leading independent coach portal and recognized as a “Success Story” in Canada and U.S. by the Canadian Consulate General Conference on Training and Development.

In addition to his business and community work, Paul hosts “Go for the Goal”, the Internet radio interview program and publishes the weekly eZine, “Coaching for Superstars”. He is the group moderator for Fast Company Magazine’s ‘Public Speaking’ community.

Since 1976, his thought-provoking Keynotes, TeleClasses, personal Coaching and custom Training programs continue to help leaders to  uplevel their personal, professional and business capabilities.