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Custom TeleClass to
benefit Hurricane Relief

FREE TeleClass to benefit Hurricane Relief efforts in the Gulf of Mexico
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Thursday October 20, 2005 (1 hour)
North America: EST 7 PM;  PST 4PM 
Australia (Oct 21): NSW 9 AM;  WA 7 AM
Europe (Oct 21): UK 12 AM;  Dubai 4 AM  

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Introduction (also sent as an email note for this benefit TeleClass)
Background to Coach Paul and why he's doing this benefit now
Survey: Which of these do you need to control negativity NOW?
How To Help (authorized list, updated frequently)
What Hurricane Victims Need Now - That They Aren't Getting

October 2005

How many do you know feeling drained just hearing and seeing so many disasters recently? Medics call this Compassion Fatigue and with recent hurricanes they report so many are looking to reclaim energy to live their lives again. Imagine what it is like actually working in the disaster area!

With than in mind, based on my previous volunteering (including Ground Zero just a week after 9/11), it is my honor to offer a world-class Nix Negativity NOW!® TeleClass excerpt again later this month - customized specifically to aid Hurricane Relief efforts and those helping so many others. Added benefit: Once registered below, you can also listen later to the recording of this free TeleClass.

Kudos for the proven strategies in my Nix Negativity NOW!® program show how leaders like you have positively and significantly changed how people think and perform at work and away. If you were referred here, please thank them and do alert others now to benefit them too, thanks. We welcome the Media publicizing this proven program too, including WGN-TV in Chicago and the Edmonton Journal.   

Why Nix Negativity NOW!® ? I chose this program and the proven TeleClass format to help as many people as possible - from wherever they are, including the Gulf of Mexico. Everyone is now as close as their phone and no technology is required.  The TeleClass focus is on how to help keep focus on what needs to be done with what scarce materials are available. As an example, recall Yitzhak Perlman, the violinist: At Lincoln Center in New York City, a string broke on his violin yet he continued the concert with just three strings! Impossible to play a symphonic work with just three strings?  I know that, you know that, but that night Yitzhak Perlman refused to know that. His response: “You know, sometimes it is the artist's task to find out how much music he can still make with what he has left.” 

And that is the purpose of my Capability Improvement Process®: to help leaders like you to get past the negativity, to determine what is available and to work with it to get the job done. Right. Now. To help you, do complete the 30-second Negativity Audit™ below. You will have a clearer direction for yourself and it will help me customize the Benefit TeleClass to your selected interests.  Service with a smile.

To confirm, as this is a benefit TeleClass, I do not take a penny and I've arranged for others to donate their time and services too. Many authorized Hurricane Relief donation links are provided for you below in the How to Help section - please do give what you can now. 

And you know the TeleClass will be relevant and immediately helpful. In fact, I'll be including ground-breaking research just announced this week about how to focus our minds past distractions like negativity. Questions of me or this TeleClass, please do visit 

Even if you will not be on the call itself, please do register now so you can listen to the recording of this free TeleClass later. You benefit many ways! 

With all the holidays and Holydays celebrated this time of year, let's ensure we are doing all we truly can do to make our world a better place!

the Capability Improvement Coach®  (905) 764-8525

Background (about Paul Litwack):

As a professional business coach for 30 years, I was honored recently, selected to the 'top 100 corporate coaches in the world'. And as a volunteer at Ground Zero a week after 9/11, I can personally vouch how difficult it is to keep balance when everything is falling all around you (travelog at 

Which led me to create Nix Negativity NOW!® the proven program on what you can, and must do about negativity - wherever you find it. If you were referred here directly from me, you likely already have benefited from my professional coaching, TeleClasses and Keynotes. 

My Capability Improvement Process® material is based on real-world experience from the back room to the Board Room on what does work! The 30-second Negativity Self-audit™ below and the 95-5 Strategy™ have become most requested tools.

As the creator of the TeleClass Leader Certification Program for the IOE - International Organization for Entrepreneurs, I can help you create and deliver your own content using this proven TeleClass delivery format to your valued audiences. 

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Which of these do you need
to control negativity NOW?

30-Second Self Assessment™

Check all that apply
Explain perceived situations realistically and accurately, using 3 critical factors.

   "C.A.P." the temptation to get "drawn in" to negative people and situations.

   Continuously keep optimism and pessimism in balance using a 2-factor process.

   Take the "neg" factor out of  negotiation.

   Identify and effectively control the four key types of negative behavior.

   Turn negativity around using Coach Paul’s 5-step T-U-N-E-D formula.

   Catch "negative people" at their own game - and disarm them!

   Learn how to break free from 3 major negative habits: worrying, complaining and
(expecting,  even demanding, the worst to come true).

   Learn 3 strategies to make use of existing negativity constructively.


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How To Help (updated frequently)

More than just monetary donations, we have included ways to volunteer time, donate goods and services, and other ways to help such as participating in special events, purchasing gifts, donating airline miles, or helping to find jobs for those who have been displaced.

Some of you may want to help provide for food or housing while others want to help children or animals. The work will go on for a long time and you likely will find charities to connect with for the long term.

If you know or are a reputable organizations not yet included here, please let us know. Though we’ve done our best to verify the list, please continue to do your own research too.

American Red Cross:

America's Second Harvest:


Network for Good, Inc.

The Humane Society of the United States:

The Salvation Army National Headquarters:
United Way:

Because of the size and nature of the relief efforts being conducted by all organizations, read all of the organization's instructions regarding earmarking donations towards a specific cause before donating.

Thank you for your support 

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What Hurricane Victims Need

While you and I may not be able to go down to the Gulf of Mexico, we can help. Our money can make an immediate and  immense difference in the lives of people who are suffering right now. Even after all this time has elapsed - these people still need:
  • Medicines that will prevent death. Imagine being a diabetic, kidney patient, heart patient, or someone with a need for antibiotics.
  • Fresh water. Water not polluted by dead bodies, feces, and urine.
  • Personal items like underwear and shoes. Many victims have only the clothes that were on their backs when the hurricanes struck.
  • Portable bathrooms. Facilities so that  people don't suffer the embarrassment of using the streets and the resulting health hazards created.
  • Tents and shelter. Hard-working people and families have lost everything they own and have no place to call home or work.
  • Basic food like bread and beans. Imagine the pain of being hungry - and listening to your hungry baby cry for food.

We should not allow children, women, babies, and the elderly among them - to suffer.

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Thanks for the opportunity to contribute to your continued success.

Paul Litwack - the Capability Improvement Coach® (905) 764-8525  blog