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2 key elements of the 
Capability Improvement Process
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This section of our web site is offered as a value-added benefit to our valued customers who have already participated in Coach Paul's thought-provoking live-audience programs and/or are currently completing their pre-arranged, personalized coaching assignments.

Subscriptions are arranged in advance for a period of 6 months, with a growing number being set up for a period of 12+ months.

For more information or to request subscription information for yourself, or a group of people within an organization or association, please contact us now.


    Thank you for the opportunity to contribute to your continued success!

                                                         Paul M. Litwack, CHRP
                                                 the Capability Improvement Coach

This service is as flexible as your needs are.
Popular uses include:

Ongoing follow-up coaching programs including 'live' online updates 
and Telephone Seminars (you are now as close as your phone!)
Relevant updates, newsletters and Frequently Asked Questions 
(FAQ) relevant to specific assignments with Coach Paul's customers.
Capabilities to listen-at-your-convenience and order (at significant discount) the programs in Coach Paul's growing library of multimedia programs. Includes previews of his upcoming programs.
Contact other subscribers or specific members of your group on topics related to specific assignments with Coach Paul. The benefit to you 
as a subscriber is that you can 'speak' freely and securely - off-line 
from your organization.
'Ask the Coach' - an open ended forum to get relevant response 
quickly on a wide variety of 'burning issues'.
A professional evaluation service - Coach Paul can research and 
report recommendations for a wide variety of subscriber-led 
programs including presentations and training materials. Your 
material can be received and returned online or by phone or 
audio/video tape or print materials, as needed.

Opportunity to obtain specific personalized feedback on a wide 
range of tools used by Coach Paul in his coaching assignments.  

The 4-stage Implementing for Success Model The Call Monitor Performance Checklist
The 5-step Customer Satisfaction System The Communication Mirror (15 factors)
The 5-stage Team Building Model The Customer Service and Quality Gap Analysis Flowchart
The 8-step Change & Transition Model The I-N-F-O formula for achieving improved networking performance
The 12-factor Change Continuum System The S-I-D-E formula for achieving Quality
The 18-factor Checklist for Successful Consulting The T-U-N-E-D formula for turning negativity around i n s t a n t l y !


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